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Choice and Competition is good for Quality

The world today is full of various kinds of products and services. Many people say that life was easier 30-40 years ago when we had only a handful of products and services. Life was easier because there wasn’t much choice. For example, there was only one type of landline phone as compared to hundreds of mobile models as available today. But the flip side of this was that markets were monopolized by a few sellers and you, as a consumer, did not have much say in terms of quality of products and services. So, “take it or leave it” was the motto in those days.

Yes, we have much more competition today. But this has resulted in much better quality of goods and services. Of course, it becomes difficult to decide which brand and model to purchase. And this is applicable to all aspects of your life 24×7.

Huge confusing choices in your daily life

You wake up in the morning and brush your teeth; which brand of toothpaste and brush do you use? You have been using a particular brand for most of your life but recently you have started to face some minor problems. Your problems are not big, and you want to try something different before visiting a dentist. Which brands should you choose now?

Now, apply this to all of the other products and services that make your life comfortable. Your air-conditioner, your fridge, your washing machine, your microwave oven, your light bulbs, your ceiling fans, your cooking oil, your food items, your clothes, your mobile phone, your laptop, your television set, etc. Everything is changing. Things are getting better or outdated. So, how do you decide what to buy next from the huge market of choices? Maybe we can guide you with our own experiences here at our Home of Online Shopping.

Are Offline Shops truly reliable?

Having narrowed things down to a few choices, you next want to know which is the best. Obviously, you won’t buy two or more television sets just because it is difficult to decide. Of course, you can always go to a shop and talk to an expert sales person who can help you to decide. But the sales person can only give you limited information based on his or her personal experience at that point of time. Oftentimes this information is also based on promotions and profit factors in favor of the sales person. After all, the sales person is also working to earn an income.

Hence, the only advantage of visiting a shop is that you can probably see and touch the product and talk to a human being. But you won’t get the massive facilities provided by online shops.

Home of Online Shopping is better

Online shopping malls are much better. They give you various kinds of information, such as comparisons with similar products, user experiences, feedbacks, ratings, as well as facilities to ask questions which are answered openly by the seller and other customers. Online shopping malls also provide customer satisfaction guarantees with safe and timely deliveries, returns and refunds, etc. Here, again, is where we can guide you at our Home of Online Shopping.

Positive Reviews or Negative Reviews

When looking for a good or a service, which reviews should you focus on? Positives or negatives? First and foremost, remember that competition is very high in today’s world. A manufacturer or a service provider cannot afford to sell a bad product. A single bad product or a single bad feature, even after years of topmost quality, can destroy a company overnight. Hence, most products are generally good, or they perish quickly.

Having said that, very few customers go online to give positive reviews. There are more people who are quick to give a negative review even for a minor problem. The law of nature is that people want the positives but love to discuss the negatives. That’s why a famous personality once said: “Negative goes around the world several times before Positive puts its boots on” (or something similar to that). The more reputed or famous a company is, the more people want to bash it. So, when going through reviews, chances are you will see more negatives than positives.

At the same time, not all negatives are bad. Some negative reviews are truly eye opening. Hence, what is required is a balance of proper positive and negative reviews along with personal experiences. And this is what our Home of Online Shopping aims to provide.

What you get from our Home of Online Shopping

At our Home of Online Shopping, we give you a few items only, just those that we are able to recommend either through our own first-hand experiences or through the experiences of people we know in the USA. We do not conduct surveys over long periods of time. A product recommended by a few thousand people may not necessarily be the choice of the majority of people. And if a survey takes a long time to complete, the product may get sold out or become outdated in terms of price, features, etc.

Yes, we do look into the facts and figures that are provided by manufacturers, resellers, customers, government, and statutory bodies, etc. But we give you only the final to-the-point results based on our own analysis and experiences.

Hopefully, we can help to narrow down your choice to the one specific product or service that you want and need. If you happen to buy that product or service through our affiliate links, we may earn a commission. But that will not increase your price in any way. In fact, we are always on the lookout to get you the best deal, without compromising on quality and other factors. If you are not satisfied and return the product or discontinue the service within the specified time period, we do not earn any commission at all.

All of this means that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose with us. Happy shopping!

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