Since 1991, our solutions have benefited multiple industries, organizations and professionals in various countries of the world.

Some industries:

Healthcare, including Providers, Payers, Patients, Institutions, Public Health, etc.

Education, Law, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, FMCG, etc.

Leisure & Entertainment, including Tour Operators, Airlines, Hotels, Event Management, etc.

Our Vision: A world where accurate information flows rapidly to appropriate departments and persons so that solutions are formulated and implemented quickly, leading to better development of all societies and populations.

Our Mission: Use of innovative but realistic methods, mindsets and teamwork to deliver proper information solutions at the proper time and place.

Repro-Med Diagnostic (P) Ltd.
When we first heard about computerisation of medical diagnostic centers back in 1996, we were interested. In order to run a State-of-the-Art technology-based diagnostic laboratory, we were very concerned about smooth and accurate work flow. We are glad to say that MediDiag made the transition so easy that it took us only a few days to computerise our main center and branches. Patient registrations, collection of samples and reporting take only a few seconds per patient. MIS and accounts are always up-to-date, and our Physicians, Management, Staff and Patients are all happy and satisfied with our services.
S. R. Kabir, Director

South Dum Dum Municipality
South Dum Dum Municipality Hospital, in a locality adjacent to the large metropolitan city of Kolkata, caters to a large and varied group of patients and doctors. Being a Government body, there are various types of administrative and political personalities and entities who have to be satisfied at every single step. Having tried other solutions, we finally found MediDiag to be the most user-friendly and acceptable to all. Today, MediDiag is the back-bone of our hospital operations, both at the main hospital as well as at our Matri Sadan-O-Swasthya Kendra.
Anjana Rakshit, Chairperson (2010-2015)

Contai Rotary Community Welfare Trust
We are a philanthropic organization. As an integral part of the world-renowned Rotary International, we are expected to meet certain standards which are above average. When we decided to start up medical services at our Contai center, there were lots of expectations as well as apprehensions. After reviewing various software and solutions, we decided to go with MediDiag. We are happy to state that MediDiag has satisfied our requirements to the fullest possible. In fact, we can rightly say that it would have been very difficult for us to run our center without the use of MediDiag, since MediDiag delivers excellent output at very little cost.
Rtn. S. Maity, Secretary

Goethals Memorial Health Centre
For more than 12 years (as of Dec-2009), MediDiag has been providing us solutions and support that we need to successfully run our center. Being a part of the huge Kolkata Arch-Diocese (Mother Teresa’s primary location), we cater to priests, nuns, Church workers, and the general public, all at very nominal rates. With funding and audits by national and international agencies, we have to ensure that all our procedures, reports, etc. are always of the highest quality. MediDiag is so user-friendly and simple to operate and maintain that, when personnel are transferred, new personnel are able to pick up operations in no time at all.
Sister Tessy, Centre In-Charge

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