Life Insurance Career Path with a Tata organization

It doesn’t matter who you are. You may be male, female, employed, unemployed, retired, housewife, etc. This opportunity is open to all, subject to some eligibility criteria specified below.

What we offer you is an opportunity to be a Life Advisor and Planner, a matter of great pride. Why is it a matter of great pride? Because you get to protect not just one life but an entire family. And while you protect lives you also get 4 more opportunities that we refer to as 4Es:

  • Exclusive Career Path
  • Exceptional Earning Opportunity
  • Exploring the Whole World
  • Expert in being a Rakshakarta

Exclusive Career Path: As a Life Planner within the organization, you can get promoted from Basic to Senior to Executive Levels, while achieving global recognition such as MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), COT (Centre Of Table) and TOT (Top Of Table)

Exceptional Earning Opportunities include:

  • Base Commission
  • Differential Commission
  • Renewal Commission
  • Reimbursement of Professional Development Expenditure
  • Numerous contests and other rewards

Average Annual Income of Top 5 Life Planners is approximately Rs.81 Lakhs each.

Average Annual Income of Top 10 Life Planners is approximately Rs.60 Lakhs each.

Average Annual Income of Base Level Life Planners is approximately Rs.7 Lakhs each.

Exploring the Whole World: Qualifying Life Planners have the opportunity to attend world class training conventions at exotic national and international destinations along with their colleagues and peers. In the last one year, more than 10,000 Life Planners have attended international conventions at Abu Dhabi, Almaty, Bangkok, Athens, Rome, Maldives, Sydney & Gold Coast, Dubai, Cairo, etc.

Expert in being a Rakshakarta: By helping people secure a proper financial future. Expertise includes being client focused, being a domain expert, consultation, and life insurance specialist.

How do we as a reputed Tata organization support you?

  • Providing best in class products, covering Protection, Savings, HNI, Retirement and Combo Solutions. Most of our products are Guaranteed and backed by the iron-clad surety of a Tata organization, while other products are based on market conditions managed by highly qualified fund managers so that our customers always get the best returns.
  • Digital Support on all fronts including client meetings, logins, operations, returns, etc.
  • Capability Development Program. This is a best in class, structured and specialized program that makes you a top class Life Planner. It includes a blended learning methodology based on KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, Habit) with courses and certification from NCFM (National Stock Exchange Certification in Financial Markets), AIA (American Insurance Association) and IIM (Indian Institute of Management).
  • Regular and continuous hand-holding support of our executives and managers at various levels, starting from your home branch, to cluster, zone, state and national levels.
  • The reputation of very high customer satisfaction and confidence. We have been rated as “iAAA” (highest rating) by ICRA (Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited) due to our high claims settlement ratio (over 99%), and other criteria of customer satisfaction and ethical standards.

The way forward: You can also become a Team Leader with your own team of Life Planners and other Team Leaders wherein your earnings are based on your personal as well as team earnings. As a Team Leader you can progress from a Basic Advisor all the way up to Senior Partner. Average annual income of Senior Partners is Rs.1 Crore approx and average annual income of Team Leaders is Rs.12 Lakhs.

Eligibility Criteria. Please note that while there is flexibility in work schedules, earnings, etc., our KYC and entry norms are very strict and in compliance with Government of India and other statutory bodies. Hence, please do not apply if you do not meet or agree with the following criteria:

  • This is not a job with a fixed salary. This is a commission-based flexi-time involvement in the Life Insurance industry.
  • You must be a resident of Kolkata or surroundings, within easy commutable distance from Salt Lake City Centre-1.
  • Minimum Age: 30 years.
  • Minimum Qualification: Graduate (any stream).
  • Documents required (all to be digitally uploaded):
    • Clear and legible recent Passport Photo.
    • Clear and legible photo of PAN Card.
    • Clear and legible photo of Aadhaar Card.
    • Clear and legible photo of Graduation Final Year Mark Sheet.
    • Clear and legible photo of Bank Cancelled Cheque (with printed name) or Bank Pass Book, with details of Bank Name, Branch, IFSC Code, Account Number, Account Name, Type of Account (Savings, Current, etc.)
  • Nominee Details. Name of Nominee, relationship, date of birth.
  • Application fees: INR 750/-. Indian Rupees Seven Hundred Fifty only. Payment instructions will be sent after initial assessment of your documents. This amount will be refunded if your application is not progressed further.
  • Other documents as may be required.

If you meet and agree with the above criteria, then please apply using the form below. If you have any questions or queries, click here for Query Form.

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