How to choose the best Revolving Chair 2024

Do you want to learn about how to choose the best revolving chair for your home or office? Then continue reading this article.
How to choose the best Revolving Chair

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Disclaimer: This article is on revolving chairs only, not revolving sofas.

Revolving chairs are commonly referred to as office chairs, executive chairs, computer chairs, workstation chairs, etc. But, there is a growing trend of “work-from-home” and “home offices”. That is why we also need revolving chairs at home. It is easy to assemble and disassemble these chairs, unlike wooden or plastic chairs. Hence, they are also called modular chairs.

So, let’s take a closer look at the requirements of a work chair. Before proceeding further, remember that the more facilities your chair has, the more expensive it will be. We have tried to indicate what is mandatory and what is optional, but please do use your judgement also.

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Choose the best Revolving Chair Wheels

When you choose the best revolving chair, the biggest attraction is obviously the ability to move across the floor while sitting. This is because of the wheels. Make sure that the wheels are smooth, detachable, swivel caster wheels. A small wheel, not driven by any motor, is called a caster (also spelt castor) wheel. For revolving chairs, caster wheels are mostly 2 inches in diameter and made of hard plastic. Rubber wheels are more comfortable but tend to wear out faster. Metal wheels are durable and good for other furniture but not comfortable for work chairs. It is important to ensure that all the wheels are smooth all the way around so that they do not scratch the floor.

Caster Wheel for revolving chair
Caster Wheel for revolving chair
Caster Wheel for revolving chair

The Wheels

Why detachable? Because wheels tend to gather dust and lint. Over a period of time too much dust and lint can clog one or more wheels. Obviously, then the movement of the wheels will not be smooth. This means that you will have to exert more strength with your legs and hips to move across the floor while sitting. Detachable wheels can be taken apart, cleaned, and put back together again.

Work chair base

Nowadays most chairs have 5 sets of 2 wheels each for full stability in all directions. 4 sets of wheels are also good but the weight is better distributed with 5. So, why not 6? Well, the more the number of wheels the more the moving parts and resulting friction, and the more the effort you have to put in movement. Thus, 5 is just the right balance.

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The Stand

Radial supports made of plastic or metal connect these sets of wheels. We prefer metal because it can withstand more weight and rough use. The radial supports are about 10-11 inches long; shorter will be unstable and longer will hurt your heels when revolving.

These radial supports are connected to a central main shaft. The main shaft is actually a metal rod inside a cylinder, providing smooth hydraulic movement when adjusting the height of the chair. The seat of the chair is screwed into a base at the top of the shaft. Make sure that the main shaft and the hydraulic movement is smooth and sturdy; after all, the main shaft takes the entire weight and balance of the person sitting in the chair.

Levers and knobs

When you choose the best revolving chair, you can have a choice of levers and knobs. Remember, again, the more facilities you want the more expensive your chair will be.

  • Height adjustment lever (mandatory). This is for adjusting the height of the seat up and down. If this is too high, your feet will be dangling and not comfortably placed on the floor. If the height is too low, your knees will be higher than your hips, again making you uncomfortable.
  • Tilt back lever. Sometimes you may want to restrict backward tilting. A tilt back lever locks or unlocks backward tilting ability.
  • Tension adjustment knob. Tightening this knob means that you will need to apply more pressure when you want to tilt back. A very loose setting will mean that you will tilt back faster and easier.
  • Seat slider lever. This allows the seat to slide backwards and forwards relative to the back rest. Sliding forward will give you more space for your buttocks and thighs. Sliding backward will provide more space between the front edge of the seat and the back of your knees.

Choose the best revolving chair Seat and Back

Revolving Chair Seat Thickness
Revolving chair seat area

When you choose the best revolving chair, make sure that the sitting area is the right fit and is comfortable. We have found that 17 inches wide (left to right) and 16 inches long (front to back) is a good general measurement for most people in the USA.

The seat is usually 2-3 inches of foam on a wooden base, all wrapped up in fabric. Obviously, there are various types of fabric and this, along with the color, softness, etc. are personal choice. You can also choose a more expensive soft leather cover. Plastic covers are definitely not comfortable. A slightly downward curved seat is more comfortable than a fully flat seat.

Revolving chair backs

The Back

The height of the back can be one of 3 types: low, mid, high. Low back goes up from your hips to the lower portion of your shoulder blades, and is best for small spaces and work that does not require long continuous seating. Mid back covers up to the shoulders and is most popular in offices. High back provides support up to the neck and head. A high back can also be a mid back with a head rest.

Low back and mid back are ok for people who work by leaning forward; for example, for reading or writing on a flat table top. But, if you are going to choose the best revolving chair for work that involves looking at a computer or similar type of screen or which requires long sitting durations, then high back is preferable.

The material used for the back should be mesh or foam. Mesh allows flow of air to your back and helps to keep you sweat-free. Foam with fabric or soft leather cover is more comfortable and, obviously, more expensive.

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Choose the best Revolving Chair with Lumbar Support and Adjustable Arm Rests

Revolving chair lumbar support
Revolving chair arm rest

When you choose the best revolving chair make sure that it has Lumbar Support. This is another knob or lever which adjusts the curve of the lower back. Our backbone has natural curves which need to be supported accordingly. This is especially true of the lumbar or lower back region. Some people have a deeper lumbar curve than others. Hence the lower back portion of the chair should be adjustable forwards or backwards to match the curve of your lower back.

Arm rests or no arm rests? Fixed or adjustable? We prefer arm rests which we can adjust up and down as required. No arm rests allow you to lift your feet and sit cross-legged on the chair.

So, now that you have a good idea of how to choose the best revolving chair, you can check out our recommendations:

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