Long-Term, Multi-Generation, Secure Income Opportunity with Minimum Investment

  • Minimum Investment, only Rs.1,500/- per month
  • Daily Use Products
  • Worldwide Market
  • Start earning within 40 days

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

“While some continue to dream, others work towards achieving their dreams and pursuing bigger opportunities”

So, how can you achieve your dreams and pursue bigger opportunities, without upsetting your present occupation and lifestyle, and with zero investment? It’s quite simple with “Asset Based Income Generation”.

First, a fundamental question. What is more important: Income or Expenditure?

Most people say Income is more important. Unfortunately, that is not true.

Whether you have Income or not, you do have multiple Expenses. Even a new-born baby has expenses which are borne by its parents, and it continues until the baby is a grown adult and able to take care of itself.

Moreover, these expenses keep on rising. Ask anybody who has been earning and bearing his/her own expenses over 10-20 years. They will all tell you that while their income has increased, expenses have increased much faster.

This results in three types of people:

  1. People who live like misers.
  2. People who live in perpetual frustration or get into debt.
  3. People who change jobs and/or look for more avenues of income.

There isn’t very much we can do for the first type of people, the misers, until and unless they change their mindsets. What we have to offer is for the second and third types of people.

What are the various types of income?

  • Salaried Job (Active Income)
  • Profession (Active Income)
  • Conventional Business (Passive Income)
  • Non-Conventional Business (Passive Income)
  • Legacy/Inheritance (Passive Income)

“Successful people never change their dreams and destinations. They change their vehicles so that they can reach their destinations and achieve their dreams in the shortest period of time.” The secret of success is to move from Active Income (Job & Profession) to Passive or Residual Income (Business & Investment) as fast as possible.

3 Mantras of Life: Money, Time, Security.

All 3 are required for a life of happiness and peace of mind. If you don’t have all 3 then, sooner or later, you will get into frustration, depression, debt and other negatives of life.

  • You need to earn enough money to live an enjoyable life,
  • You need time to enjoy your money and your life,
  • And you need security, which is nothing but an ideal combination of money and time that continues on an on-going basis.

But how can you get all three together? By tweaking the Linear Nature of Income.

What is the Linear Nature of Income? Linear Nature of Income is based on a simple formula:

Income = Rate x Time

Everybody has a Rate that is based on his/her skills, qualifications and experience. When you start your professional life, you have some basic skills and some basic qualifications that decide your Rate. You can increase your Rate by increasing your skills, qualifications and, obviously, years of professional experience. But there is a limit to how much you can increase your Rate. Think about it this way: if you are earning Rs.20,000/- per month now, will your rate increase to Rs.2,00,000/- per month in the same job or profession 20 years from now? For a few persons, yes … for the majority, NO! That’s why people change jobs, that’s why people look for other avenues of income. It’s a fact that even if your rate does not increase by 10 times in the next 20 years, your expenses will continue to increase by over 10 times.

Coming to Time, as a salaried employee or a skilled professional, your Time is obviously limited to 24 hours a day and 5-6 days a week. Can you work 24×7 week after week? Obviously not! So, there is a limit to Time also.

Moreover, if something unfortunate happens, your Rate and/or Time for job or profession can go to Zero overnight. Your Rate may be very very high but if, for any reason whatsoever, your time for your job or profession goes to zero, your income becomes Zero; similarly, you may have all the Time in the world but if your Rate goes to zero for whatever reason, again your income goes to Zero. Anything multiplied by Zero is Zero. That is the downside of Linear Income.

A friend of mine, a very skillful surgeon, had his surgery career cut short because of a small accident which affected his hands. Obviously, his skill became useless and he had to fall back on non-surgical practice; in short, his Rate for surgery went down to Zero.

Another friend, a highly skilled marketing professional, suddenly developed a heart disease which put an end to his high-income marketing career. His skill was still there but his doctors said that if he faced any kind of tension or excitement or thrill or anxiety, which is inherent in marketing negotiations, for any length of time he could die; therefore, his Time for skillful marketing went to Zero.

Sorry to put it so bluntly, but these are facts of life.

In a job or profession, you are solely dependent on your personal Rate and your personal Time. Other people’s skills, qualifications, experience, time spent in their jobs or professions cannot help your position. In your job or profession, you are fighting by yourself for yourself. So, is everything lost when something unfortunate occurs that affects your job or profession? No, there are always more avenues of income. Let us look at the next avenue, that is Conventional Business.

Business is a concept wherein one or more persons (business owners) make use of other people’s skills, qualifications, experience and time to enhance or increase their own income. If it’s one owner then it’s called a Proprietorship Business, if it’s more than one owner then it could be a Partnership, or a Trust, or a Limited Company, etc. Here the owners of the business try to tweak the Linear Nature of Income:

Income = n x (Rate x Time) where n is the number of employees

Now, this is good idea because now the person or persons, owners of the business, are not dependent on themselves only. They are not working for themselves by themselves; they are working for themselves with others working for them also. And the more the number of employees the better the income and the security. But, Conventional Business also has certain drawbacks and pitfalls:

  • Capital. All conventional businesses require a certain amount of money at startup, and also from time to time during the course of the business. This capital could be from personal sources, or as loan from banks or other sources, or from investors and shareholders. Whatever the form of capital may be, it is a liability for the business because it has to be returned sooner or later.
  • Time. Any conventional business requires a lot of time on a continuous basis from both employers (business owners) and employees.
  • Space. Conventional businesses require offices, stores, warehouses, etc. depending on the nature of the business. Multiple branches in multiple areas require more and more space. Each space comes with it’s additional expenses of rent, electricity, equipment, etc.
  • Geographical Market. Most conventional businesses are limited to specific geographical areas. Expanding to other locations normally involves huge investments of time, money, etc.
  • Expertise. This either comes from the owners themselves or has to be hired as employees or consultants. The risk here is that an expert employee or consultant can leave and join a competitor for a better offer or some other reason. Expertise also has to be up-to-date and state of the art.
  • Competition. This is the biggest threat for any business. In today’s world of quick information, news spreads very fast about any successful business. In other words, success breeds its own competition. The days of trade secrets and monopolies are gone and all businesses have to hold on to their share of the market with every resource possible. A single mistake or poor quality of products or services will result in customers quickly moving to competitors.
  • Diversification. Continuing a business with just a few products or services is not possible. The world is changing, technology is changing, customer requirements are changing, all very fast. A business needs to diversify very fast if it intends to remain in the market over a long period of time.
  • Taxation and other Statutory Requirements. Business Registration, Trade Licence, Other Licences, Labour Laws, Financial Accounting, Taxation, etc. are just some of the headaches that accompany any business.
  • Risk. After everything is taken care of, and even after years of successful operation, a single disaster can wipe out a business overnight, in most cases with sad results for its owners and key employees.

Statistics from various government and other authorized agencies show that 80% of conventional businesses survive the first year, 40-50% survive up to 5 years and less than 30% survive up to 10 years.

Now, let’s talk about a Non-Conventional Business, by looking into the same factors as above:

  • Capital. Not required.
  • Time. Very little, 4-5 hours per week.
  • Space. Not required. Work from home, fully internet-based.
  • Geographical Market. Expand to anywhere in India within a matter of minutes, with provision to expand to over 100 countries, without leaving your home, using the power of the internet.
  • Expertise. No special expertise required and whatever is required is available free of cost. No employees required.
  • Competition. Very little.
  • Diversification. Very fast, more than 60 years old, present in over 100 countries of the world, and has over 450 unique products. Products are continuously updated and upgraded to meet market conditions and demands.
  • Taxation and other Statutory Requirements. Very little.
  • Risk. Since requirement of capital, time, responsibilities, etc. are very little, there is practically no risk.

What we are talking about here is a variation of the franchise system of business, without the investments, risks and responsibilities of a conventional franchise. This is referred to as Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing. The company is a highly reputed and trusted MNC, the No.1 in its category, with high-class patented FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products which all persons use on a daily basis, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, detergent, nutritional items, cooking items, beauty and cosmetics, etc. These are products which people use every day and actually purchase from stores and shops. Now, here is an opportunity to purchase the same products from your own business and make yourself rich instead of making other people rich.

So, what are the steps required to start and build this business?

  • First join yourself as an independent business associate or distributor. This is absolutely free of cost and totally online via your computer/laptop, tab, mobile, etc. 
  • Learn about the products and how to build the business. All training is online and available on your computer/laptop, tab, mobile, etc. There are various types of training, ranging from product training to business building seminars, case studies, etc.
  • Purchase the products at distributor price, approximately 20% less than MRP. There is no minimum requirement, you purchase only as much as you need. The company discourages excess stocking or inventory. Plus, this company provides 100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any product, simply return it within 25 days of purchase and your entire purchase price will be returned back to your account.
  • Promote the business to your friends and other contacts anywhere in India. As they join and purchase their requirements, you also earn commission on their purchases.

MLM is a highly successful system of duplication, based on nature’s Grandfather-Father-Son system, a system where people help other people to grow for their mutual success. Therefore:

  • In Job or Profession: you work for yourself by yourself.
  • In Conventional Business: you work for yourself with others working for you.
  • In Non-Conventional Network Marketing: you work for yourself with others working for themselves. Understand the power of this statement. The people in your Business Network are not your employees, they are their own bosses, and you earn on their work. Similarly, they also earn on the work of their own networks. Each person is equal to you and will keep duplicating you and your success making you even more successful. This is the ultimate combination in Money, Time and Security which no other avenue of income can provide. And it is a tried and tested system since the 1940s.

If you are interested in knowing more, please fill up and submit the form below, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that we are receiving lots of applications and it might take some time, maybe a few days, before we can respond to you. Thank you and looking forward to welcoming you aboard!

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